Wednesday 25 January 2023


 Environmental, Social, Governance* (ESG) - it doesn't trip off the tongue, but ESG has been gathering pace and influence among the Davos Elite and so it matters. Read further about it here:

Backlash: BlackRock CEO says attacks on ESG investing are getting ugly and personal « JoNova (

Business (or private) reputation is very important and so any threat to vilify a company or individual is very powerful. Once a set of actions becomes "must do" or "must not do" in the eyes of the woke media (and those who hold sway over them) then any organisation (or individual) needs a lot of courage to stand out against it.

*ESG sounds very important and high-minded, but in fact it means whatever the self-appointed high priests of woke want it to mean. 


  1. Again co2 is a GHG that has already raised earth's average temperature 1.2*C. Your value of .13*C per decade puts us on earth at 2.24*C by year 2000. I believe .13*C per decade to be very conservative. Just the same, we start to get into the 25 meters of sea level rise over several centuries. This is not scaremongering but real science based on earth's history.

    Now ESG is about getting corporations to line up with sustainability with living on earth. CO2 emissions do just the opposite. Interestingly, guess who is behind all the hub bub about anti ESG.

    The fossil fuel companies.

  2. We cannot assume that temperatures will continue to rise at the average rate of the last 40 years. There are many natural factors which can affect this, many which we do not understand. CO2 is just one of the factors. ESG is a way of putting pressure on businesses to tow the line. It is undemocratic and interferes in the free market. The rules of the market should be governed by elected politicians in a democracy.

    1. ESG is part of the free market. ESG is information for which the consumer (you and I) can make our informed decisions of how we want to invest our money. Just in transition alone, humans will be adding co2 to the atmosphere for the rest of the century. Hopefully in decreasing amounts rather than increasing amounts.

      A simple assumption for the earth warming or cooling. If co2 increases in the atmosphere, the downward radiation increases causing the earth to warm further. If co2 decreases, the average temperature of the earth decreases. The ice ages and the interglacials hold this to be true. The ice core evidence bears this out.


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